The Yes Network Grows Partnership With Career Solutions

The Yes Network Grows Partnership With Career Solutions

By: Emily Peterson

After working together over the last two summers, the Yes Network is thrilled to continue our partnership with Career Solutions.

With programs that offer summer employment, career guidance, tuition assistance, skills building and more, Career Solutions ( works with young people while they plan for their future careers.

How Students Gain Experience

Career Solutions has greatly helped the Yes Network by allowing us to have high school students involved in our leadership program.

During the summer 2019, Career Solutions funded the employment of seven High School Leaders for the Yes Network. This summer, Career Solutions paid for funding to employ 18 students.

Students were responsible for preparing and packaging meals, distributing them to over 20 sites, and spending time with children in the neighborhoods. During this time, the students received guidance from staff at the Yes Network and Career Solutions about workplace responsibility.

A Unique Partnership

According to Chris Perrier of Career Solutions, working with the Yes Network has been a win-win for both organizations.

He said the office decided to form a unique partnership with the Yes Network because they believe strongly in encouraging students to become engaged in their communities and assist others.

And when the catering plans for Career Solutions programming fell through this summer, the Yes Network stepped in to provide meals, something the we’re happy to do again for them next summer.

Big Plans for the Future

We’re already looking forward to big opportunities with Career Solutions next summer.

They’ve started discussions about using the Yes Network leadership program to train some of Career Solution’s returning youth. There are other ideas about how we can get students more engaged in their local communities.

Now and in the future, we at the Yes Network are thankful to have such beneficial and strong partnerships.

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