Portrait of Jerry SparbyJerry Sparby is the Founder and Executive Director of The Yes Network. He has devoted his career to improving the lives of children and families. Jerry is a licensed elementary teacher, curriculum director, school principal, superintendent, and special education director with degrees from Minnesota State University Moorhead and St. Cloud State University.  He is certified as a CMR (Cellular Memory/Reframing) therapist and a licensed parent coach from Adler Graduate School in Minneapolis.

Jerry was an elementary teacher, and later a principal for over 35 years. His passion is helping families better understand themselves and their children. Jerry has conducted research on effective school models, child development, family systems, discipline models, effects of car seats on mental illness, and the impact of current technology practices on school-aged children.

In 2008, Jerry founded the Minnesota-based health and well-being institute called Building a World of Love, a consortium of doctors, counselors, therapists, and school leaders who work with children, parents, families and veterans to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Jerry serves as Executive Director/Therapist of Building a World of Love coaching parents of intense kids on strategies to help them to feel and be more successful in dealing with their children and each other, and providing  therapy directly to students dealing with anxiety/depression and behavior issues.

Jerry provides therapy to clients at Building a World of Love in St Cloud, MN and  Optimal Wellness in Los Angeles.  He has seen clients at the Center for New Medicine, in Irvine, California, Cornerstone Progressive Health in Omaha, Nebraska, and at the Active Healing Center in Boston.

For over four years Jerry has been volunteering and learning about healing trauma while working with Monty Roberts’ equine “Join-Up” program.  He has had the opportunity to help Veterans, First Responders and their family members dealing with trauma, stress and depression related to PTS(I).

Due to his many years of dedication and unwavering service to local families, Jerry has had the unique opportunity to know some of the same individuals and families for over 35 years. He treasures the gift of being with these kids and families–observing, listening, connecting, and loving them.  For someone to say they’ve nurtured relationships with three generations of the same family and with thousands of children is a rarity today. Jerry may hold the record!

In addition to teaching full-time at St. Cloud State University, and as an adjunct at St. Mary’s University, Jerry continues to develop his therapy model for intense children and their parents, distressed teachers and university students dealing with anxiety/depression.  He has learned over the years that healing happens when we feel connected to others, when we release the stories in our head, and when we allow ourselves to feel loved and to feel love for others.

Jerry and his wife Luci have been married for 44 years and reside in Cold Spring, MN.  They have three biological children: Tracy (married to Andrew Knutson, three grandchildren), Kip, and Lindy. Three foster children Rich (married to Cindy, three children), Bob (Mandy, five children), Irvin.