Student Leadership Training

Engaging kids to improve and develop relationships & communication skills

Engaging kids

  • Understanding cultures
  • Power/ability to break stereotypes
  • Power of community
  • Positive attitude-outlook for future
  • Self esteem

How we plan to accomplish this:

  • Games that promote interactions
  • Working in teams
  • Mini Presentations (7-10 minute) to help understand selves and connections to others
  • Strategy to work through conflict
  • Relating experiences to life
  • One on one support
  • Social Networking


High school students from seven Central Minnesota communities came together for RythmnInside, an event held over two weekends in March at St. Cloud State University. A team of teachers and coaches developed a curriculum to help students discover their strengths, uniqueness and a deeper awareness of themselves. For a number of the students, they were apprehensive in approaching those different than themselves or kids they had never seen or met before.

The experience was magical for the students. The students-built friendships through games and conversations and attended micro-sessions to gain a better understanding of themselves. They quickly discovered their sameness and uniqueness as they played, shared pizza and had conversations with each other.

Determination and passion for making a difference were evident from most of the students. A number of the students shared that they had never worked or played with anyone younger than them before. When asked about their younger siblings, many shared they had never played with them, and couldn’t tell us much about them. It is our focus to give older youth an opportunity to play and be with younger students and have a sense of value.

Students interested in working in our summer neighborhood programs were encouraged to apply for summer mentorships.

Summer Neighborhood Mentorship Program

Students attending the RythmnInside weekends were encouraged to apply for the Neighborhood Mentorship Program. It is our belief that kids today are not often given opportunities to add value at home, in neighborhoods or at school. Kids tell us, “It is always the same kids who are picked.” We want kids to see they have the ability to impact the lives of younger kids in their neighborhoods as well as making it a better place for all.

Fourty-five students were hired in St. Cloud and 31 students were hired in other Central Minnesota communities. The students were given opportunities to assist with serving meals and clean-up and assist with the recreation and art programs offered in their neighborhoods.