Arts & STEM

  The Yes Network, working with teaching artists, create art experiences for children and teens in  neighborhoods to nurture creativity and self-expression, strengthen social emotional skills, and create a sense of place.

Our goals for 2023 include expanding art, music, theater and movement in 14 neighborhoods in which we currently organize daily outdoor activities.  Approximately 25 children between the ages of 5 – 15 will participate at each site for a total of 350 children – which cumulates to 11,200 hours of fun and creativity.

The  program at each site for two hours per day and includes:

  1. Visual arts, including painting, sculpture, fiber art, drawing, printmaking
  2. Singing, musical instruments, and music-based activities,
  3. Dance and movement.
  4. Theater and improv, including opportunities for pop up neighborhood shows and performances.

Art and music sessions are held outside – under shade trees on a hot day; under a canopy or garage when it rains.  By offering these opportunities on-site, transportation, safety, and financial barriers have been removed.  No walls creates an inviting atmosphere for all children.

The art program will help children and teens create a sense of place – increasing the positive feelings about their neighborhoods and a sense of belonging to their community.

Thank you for the support and donations from:

  • Minnesota State Arts Board
  • Central MN Arts Board
  • Paramount Arts Center
  • Capital One
  • Wanda Jam
  • Steve Diamond Elements
  • Xcel Energy
  • Morgan Family Foundation
  • Central Minnesota Community Foundation
  • St. Cloud Arts Commission ARTSpark
  • Laura Jane Musser Fund