After School Mail Box Program

After School Mail Box Program

Hi there, We have some exciting YES Network News. Art will continue into the school year!

Yes Network Art was different this year. This summer, we wanted the kids to make art. We couldn’t work in person. So, we adapted. We made Art and Science kits. We assembled nearly 4000 each week. That’s over 20,000 kits! We worked with the Yes Network Food Program. Together we gave out the kits.  They were well-received. Art and STEM leaders saw that the kids loved them. Some kids even happy danced when they got their supplies. Because of excitement, We don’t want to stop.

It’s vital to enrich our community. We need to keep giving kids and families creative experiences. To provide these opportunities, we are trying something new. Art Stands! 

Here is the plan. We will set up small stands. They will be placed around the community. The art stands will have more art and science kits. The kits will be free! You’ll be welcome to take what you need. There will even be new projects every week.  The kits will keep coming. Artist Leader Becky and STEM Leader Hannah will be coming by to make sure.

There is even more. The art stands will look awesome. Yes Network artists will make each one special.  So far, we have three artists ready to go. Artist Shane will use his maker mindset. He’ll build something exciting. It might even move. Artist Adam will use paint. He will paint it live.. The community will be able to watch it happen. How cool.  Lastly, Jill Dubbledee Kuhn a local teaching artist will be adding her own style. There are many people involved here’s a quick list:

Alicia- Yes Network Art Director

Hannah- STEM Kits 

Becky -Art kits and Container maintenance. 

Jennifer – City of St. Cloud (as a partner) and Seberger rockstar.

Shane – Maker

Adam – Artist

Jill – Artist

I hope we hear more about these leaders soon. They are planning some exciting stuff.


When the stands are finished, they will be placed in the community. There are already some places lined up. These are a few:

COP (Community Outpost) House 

Promise Neighborhood

Bel Clare Community


The sites might change. So keep to date.  Check online. That way you’ll be sure to know where they are.

Art Stands! What a great way to enrich our community. Art for everyone. We are thrilled. We hope you are too!


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