Yes Network & St. Cloud School District Summer Meal Times and Locations

Yes Network & St. Cloud School District Summer Meal Times and Locations

The Yes Network & St. Cloud School District 742 have teamed up to serve summer meals all over the district.  Serving will run Monday thru Friday’s.  Meals are free for kids 18 years and younger.  No pork or peanut butter will be served. Serving will began June 1st and June 22nd at sites.  

Our last serving date for these sites will be Friday, August 14th. 

June 1st Start Date
America’s Best Value Inn 520 Highway 10 South, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Bel Clare Mobile Home Park 33 Claroma Street, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Clearwater Parkview Apts 1040 Porter Street, Clearwater 10:30 AM
Eldorado Park 900 Kelsey Avenue, Clearwater 11:05 AM
Gatewood Apartments 813 – 7th Street South, Waite Park 3:00 PM
Ivy Apartments 1510 Ninth Avenue South, St. Cloud 2:00 PM
Kiffmeyer Park 23380 County Road 7, St. Cloud 11:50 AM
Klinefelter Park 1001 Dale Street East, St. Joseph 12:15 PM
LaCruz Community 1546 Sixth Avenue South, St. Cloud 2:00 PM
Lake George 1101 Seventh Street South, St. Cloud 10:30 AM
Lakeside Apartments 415 – 33rd Avenue North, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
MAC 5001 Veterans Drive, St. Cloud 12:30 PM
Melody Park 32505 Ironwood Drive, St. Joseph 10:30 AM
Memorial Park 33 Second Avenue NW, St. Joseph 11:40 AM
Oak Street & 15th Avenue Oak Street & 15th Avenue 11:30 AM
Park Meadows 408 Park Meadows Drive, Waite Park 2:00 PM
Quality Inn 4040 2nd St S, St Cloud, MN 56301 1:00 PM
Resurrection Lutheran 610 County Road 2, St. Joseph 11:05 AM
Roosevelt Education Center 3015 Third Street North, St. Cloud 11:30 AM
Seaberger Park 190 – 21st Avenue North, St. Cloud 11:00 AM
Sterling Heights 2010 – 27th Street SE, St. Cloud 10:30 AM
Stratford Square 3403 – 22nd Street South, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Thrifty Motel 130 – 14th Avenue NE, St. Cloud 12:30 PM
University Village Townhomes 1812 – 16th Street SE, St. Cloud 11:00 AM
Westwood Elementary 5800 Ridgewood Road, St. Cloud 1:00 PM
June 22nd Start Date
Edjwood Apartments 2911 Maine Prairie Road, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Nature’s Edge Apartments 4222 Clearwater Road, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Swisshelm Village I & II 316 Laudenbach Court, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
West Stonehill 690 Prosper Drive, Waite Park 12:00 PM
Westwood Village I & II 770 Savanna Avenue, St. Cloud 12:00 PM
Woodland Park 725 – 14th Street South, St. Cloud 12:00 PM



  1. Deb backus

    How can you sign up for this and what do you have to do

    • Yes Network

      Show up at the address at the time, meals are free for people 18 and under. We will delivery at each site approximately 30 minutes.

  2. Marie

    Hello, do you bring the children with?

    • Yes Network

      No need to bring children with. Siblings can pick up for family.

  3. Amy

    Are they going to be grab and go lunches in a bag or like last year where they set out a table and served lunch in the paper boat?

    • Yes Network

      They will be grab and go lunch/breakfast. The lunches served will be hot meals.

  4. Naomi Winkel

    Are these lunches only given out just on Mondays or are you giving lunches out Monday-Friday? Some people that I talked to were confused about it.

    • Yes Network

      Breakfast/lunch are being distributed on Monday – Friday. More information in the article at top of page to answer any other questions.

  5. Naomi Winkel

    I and some other people stood at Oak Street & 15th Avenue at 11:30pm-12pm and no one came with any lunches. I was just wondering if there was maybe a mixup or what. I will go back down there tomorrow to see if there are any lunches that come.

    • Yes Network

      We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We were getting organized with new drivers and kitchen help today and got a little behind on time. We will be on time tomorrow, thank you for your patience!

  6. Shawma

    Can parents pick up for their children?

    • Yes Network

      Yes parents are allowed to pick up for kids.

  7. Michelle

    Are there any changes in distribution and times? We have gone for the last 2 weeks and no one has showed up.

    • Yes Network

      We finished serving on August 14th, Sorry if the servers at your sites didn’t make that clear to you.


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