Relationships, Joy, Love, Community

Relationships, Joy, Love, Community

I’ve been struggling to write this blog post because there aren’t words to describe how incredible this summer has been. A few words that came to mind were amazing, service, play, art, food, smiles, and HOT…but none of those come close to describing the experiences we’ve had at my meal sites. How does one describe the look on a child’s face when you serve them a big plate of their favorite meal? Or the smile that spreads across their face when they beat you in a very close game of one-on-one basketball? How about when the child runs over to show you their art project they are SO proud of? You can’t, but that’s what makes summertime with the Yes Network the most amazing experience. 

Although it seems impossible to put all of these experiences into words, I have managed to find a few that do a good job of describing it.

Relationships- I chose this word because that is what makes each neighborhood meal site special. The relationships we build with these amazing children are life changing.

Joy-This word comes from the look on everyone’s faces at our sites. A child or staff can come to the site with the world weighing down on them but once the playing and art starts, the joy seen everywhere is so overwhelming in the best way possible.

Love-Many of these children live very close to their neighbors, but have never gotten to know them. After a few days with the Yes Network, these kids are discovering friendships with their neighbors. They grow to love each other and see the great in everyone.

Community-Like I said, most of the children might not know their neighbors. The Yes Network helps build these neighborhoods and help them get a true sense of community. The support these children show each other can only be found where there is a true and strong community.

Serving at both my meal sites has been and will continue to be the best experience of my life.

Written by Brooke Critchley


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