Pointe West After School Program

Pointe West After School Program

By Shane Mahon

The Pointe West location started off right. The apartment managers were exceedingly gracious and accommodating. The community space was wonderful. There was a small kitchen. There were comfortable couches. And there was a BATHROOM!. A bathroom might not seem like that big of a deal. Multiple two-hour sessions at locations without facilities might change your mind.

On the first day of class. Something worked out perfectly. The school bus arrived as I was unloading the snacks. This generated instant interests. Snacks drew some kids in, but others were ready for art. Kids waiting with permission slips waited just beyond the door. They were eager to begin. Our first project was a little silly: the Soctopus. We used socks and made an octopus bean bag toy. Everyone had fun. A few of us played a tossing game with the newly created creature. After the main project, more art supplies came out. More traditional art making ensued. The delighted students and mentors wrapped up. We were elated and excited for the next session.

The remaining sessions continued in the same spirit. We made paper and yarn. We drew and painted. We told stories and jokes. There was even a bit of magic. Abruptly it came to an end. The program season concluded. The last session although sad was still a time of great joy. We made art and reminisced. I hope to work at Pointe West again. It’s isn’t the bathroom that I will miss.

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